Who We Are

Our team consists of highly qualified and motivated zoological professionals, who are all experts in their field. With over 150 years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive, first-rate services to our clients.

Brian Braitsch


With 20 years in the zoological field, Brian has experience at all levels of an organization. From small wildlife preserves, to accredited zoos, and hands on science museums, he has the knowledge and perspective to meet your needs. Working in both corporate and non-profit settings, he understands the struggles business, keepers, managers and owners face in today's world. Brian is our local sloth guru and if you let him he will tell you all about it. 

Dawn Strasser

Neonate Care Speciliast 

Dawn Strasser is the Head Keeper of Neonatal Care & Quarantine at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, and Hand-Rearing Resource Center Advisor.  She holds a BS degree in Business Management from College of Mount Saint Joseph. She began working at Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in 1983 working primarily with neonates. Dawn has raised over 500 animals representing over 160 species throughout her career. 

Nico Plyley

Website  Developer

Founder of LuxWay Digital Design & Media, Nico is a wizard when it comes to all things websites and technology. He loves to film and edit videos and he's not bad at taking still shots either. Whether it's figuring out how to bring your content to the virtual stage or a total over haul of your organizations website, we've got you covered. When it comes to marketing an event or program we can help get your SEO to the front page. 

Sue Steffens

Development Specialist

After working in accounting and marketing Sue became the Director of Development for the The Zoological Society of the Palm Beaches during a 50 million redevelopment. Today she runs Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain, a 140 acre preserve in Alabama. She works hands on with many carnivores and  she's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to big cats, fundraising, and surviving a comprehensive campaign.