Services Provided

With a network of talented husbandry, veterinary, education, conservation, media, and business professionals we have the resources to deliver high quality content that is unique to fit the needs of your organization. 

Educational Programing

We can develop content specific to your needs and audience. Whether it's a volunteer demo, a seasoned interpreter, a show script or a school presentation we have created it all. We have created a streamlined way to design, implement, and survey educational programs. Once your team has the necessary tools there's no limit to what they can create.        

Behavioral Husbandry

Using environmental enrichment and operant conditioning techniques, we can help create opportunities for your animals to interact with their surroundings as they would in the wild, while also getting them involved and active in their own care.

Event Managment 

Sometimes there's just not enough people or time in the day to organize an event. Hosting events are great ways to generate income and to gain passionate supporters. We can help create the perfect event for your facility whether its a yoga day, paint night, or a huge Christmas celebration we have you covered.   

Development Services

Most small facilities do not have anyone devoted to development Full time.  It's simply one of the hats a director wears. We can assist you in designing programs for sponsorship, letters for asks or end of the year appeals. Fundraising workshops are a great way  for our teams to collaborate.

Hand Rearing Resources 

Whether its a hippo or a capybara our professionals have raised it. We are lucky enough to have one of the most respected and knowledgeable hand rearing professionals in the business. We can set up last minute emergency zoom calls or get to you right when moms in labor. Please let us help you with establishing pre-birth protocols before its too late!  

Website Design and SEO

We can assist you in updating your digital presence. Sometimes websites just need that finishing touch or a complete overhaul is necessary . We can come up with a package you will love. Search Engine Optimization  is a powerful tool to help you get recognized and separate you from the pack.