Wild Florida
Consulting curator for wildlife park, 2014

Wild Florida originally hired us to perform reptile shows in their growing gator park. First we implemented an interactive educational program that increased visitor dwell time and provided a revenue opportunity for photos after the show with ambassadors. That quickly evolved into our first consulting gig and acting curator for the park for almost 2 years. 

A new master plan was created to add an additional 2 acres to the park, that would take you on a journey to different contestants and 8 new mixes species exhibits. The owners needed these exhibits to double as interactive spaces as revenue from close up encounters was a high priority. 

We handled new species acquisition and transport, federal and state permitting, exhibit design, and training the husbandry staff on nutrition, behavioral enrichment, and guest encounters. 

Exhibit's featured 2 species of lemur, sloths, African crested porcupine, servals, swamp wallaby, provost squirrels and several bird and reptile species.    


South America is a lush exhibit with vertical complexity featuring sloths, cavy, iguana, conures, and red footed tortoises  

We were challenged to acquired animals that were great on exhibit and could go off property for special events and up close encounters 

Feline Conservation Foundation
Consulting Executive Director, 2020

Feline Conservation Foundation needed an experienced Executive Director to lead their organization through a  period of growth. With a diverse list of needs, our specialized knowledge was the perfect fit for the job. We were responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organization, ensuring that they operated efficiently and effectively to meet organizational goals and timelines. In this role, we were the face of the organization, working closely with the Board of Directors, members and the public. We ensured that all programs and operations were aligned with the organizations mission, vision, and budget. We needed to grow the membership, establish policies and procedures, expand conservation initiatives and acquire funding through sponsorships.  

Developed a strategic plan that met the organization’s goals and objectives in partnership with the Board of Directors  

We created events that brought conservation minded individuals together to raise important funds for the organization